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What We Sell

Every day Goods

We sell a wide range of everyday essentials including Household goods, pet food, beauty essentials etc.


Special Selection

We sell a wide range of speciality foodstuffs that you won’t find in your local supermarket, these include jams, pickles, confectionary and drinks.


Our excellent fresh meat comes from Bridget B’s farm/butchery in Watton at Stone.



Our delicious Cakes are made by ‘Bakes & Bouquetes’ who are local to the Village.


Vegetables & Bread

Our Vegetables and bread are also sourced locally.



We sell ‘Rave’ Coffee which you won’t find anywhere else in the area. This coffee
has a unique flavor that is really something to rave about (excuse the pun). We grind the beans ourselves and make the coffee using our professional coffee machine and rather good barrista skills!



We sell a wide range of the Tea Pigs speciality teas which are very popular. The
flavours are very unique but if you arent that adventureous don’t worry because the good
old fashioned ‘everyday brew’ is just lovely.


Pre Orders and Delivery

We are happy to take orders for meat, veg, bread and Newspapers or magazines which you
may collect or if for whatever reason you would like the goods delivered please contact us


Dry Cleaning

Tea Rooms


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